Scramble in Golf: Game Guide, Rules, and Strategies

Have you ever faced the challenge of scramble in golf? This mode is synonymous with camaraderie and strategy, ideal for players of all levels. It allows you to enjoy a dynamic game while learning from your teammates. We break down the basic rules and the most effective tactics to face a scramble. Whether you’re looking […]

Pro-am Golf: Strategies to Improve Your Game

Are you passionate about golf and looking to take your game to the next level? Participating in a golf pro-am can be a transformative experience. Here, you will not only test your skills but also learn from the best. A pro-am combines the best of two worlds: competition and camaraderie. It is the perfect setting […]

Greensome-chapman: Rules and How to Play It Properly

greensome chapman

Ready for an exciting variant of traditional golf? Greensome-Chapman is the perfect fusion of strategy and camaraderie. This game format not only tests your individual skill but also highlights the importance of teamwork. In Greensome-Chapman, you and your partner face unique challenges, choosing the best of both worlds: precision and cunning. It’s a style that […]

Understanding Handicap in Golf: What It Is and How to Calculate It

The handicap in golf is a word that frequently resonates on the green fields, but do we really know what it means? This ingenious system levels the playing field, allowing golfers of various abilities to compete on equal terms. It is essential for both novices and professionals looking to improve their game. Calculating your handicap […]

Greensome: The golf modality in pairs


Are you a lover of golf and teamwork? Then you’ll love getting to know Greensome, an exciting variant of golf that combines individual skill with pair strategy. Ideal for those looking for a shared experience on the field, this modality adds an interesting twist to the classic game. In Greensome, every shot counts and coordination […]

Modalities in Golf: Improve and Know Their Differences

Golf is a sport of precision and patience, but did you know there are different ways to play it? Each modality offers a unique flavor to the game, testing different skills. From the classic Stroke Play to exciting variants like Match Play, we will explore these differences together and how they can enhance your experience […]

Foursome in Golf: Get to Know this Modality

Have you ever heard of foursome in golf and wondered what it’s about? This mode of play is one of the most exciting and strategic ways to enjoy this sport. In foursome, collaboration and understanding between players are key to success on the field. Golf is a sport with various forms of play, but foursome […]

Stakes and Lines in Golf: Guide to Meaning and Usage

As we delve into the world of golf, we encounter a unique language and specific signals that are essential to the game. The stakes and lines on the course not only add color but carry crucial meanings that guide players with every swing. Understanding what they indicate is as important as a good hit. From […]

Eagle in golf: Discover what it is and how to achieve it

eagle golf

Have you ever wondered how golf professionals achieve those impressive under-par results? One of the terms that resonates most in this sport is the eagle, an achievement that separates the good players from the true masters of the green. But, what exactly is an eagle and how can you add it to your repertoire of […]

Scratch Mode in Golf: What It Is and How to Play Properly

scratch golf

Have you ever heard about the Scratch golf mode? This way of playing is a real challenge that tests the pure skill of golfers. Essentially, Scratch refers to playing without advantages or handicaps, meaning every stroke counts, and the level of precision required is maximum. Delving into Scratch mode is to immerse yourself in the […]

Pitch & Putt in Golf: A Thorough Analysis

Have you ever heard of Pitch & Putt? This variant of golf, with its faster pace and accessibility, is gaining followers around the world. Perfect for those looking to improve their short game or simply enjoy a round of golf without investing too much time. Let’s dive into the heart of Pitch & Putt. We’ll […]

Functions of a Caddie in Golf and its Importance

Imagine golf without a caddie, it would be like a ship without a helmsman. Caddies are crucial in the game, beyond just carrying bags. They are the strategic allies of golfers, providing vital advice and moral support. You’ll discover the essential roles a caddie plays on the course. From club selection to reading the wind […]