Fitting in Golf: What It Is and Key Points

Have you ever wondered why your golf game isn’t advancing to the level you desire? Perhaps the answer lies in the equipment you use. This is where fitting comes into play, a crucial aspect that can transform your experience on the field. We will unravel what fitting in golf is and why it might be […]

Pro-am Golf: Strategies to Improve Your Game

Are you passionate about golf and looking to take your game to the next level? Participating in a golf pro-am can be a transformative experience. Here, you will not only test your skills but also learn from the best. A pro-am combines the best of two worlds: competition and camaraderie. It is the perfect setting […]

Gross vs Net Golf Score: The way of scoring in golf

gross vs net golf score

Are you passionate about golf and looking to improve your game? Understanding the difference between gross score and net score is key in this sport of precision and strategy. While the gross score reflects the total number of strokes, the net score adjusts the result according to the player’s handicap, offering an equitable perspective for […]

Understanding Handicap in Golf: What It Is and How to Calculate It

The handicap in golf is a word that frequently resonates on the green fields, but do we really know what it means? This ingenious system levels the playing field, allowing golfers of various abilities to compete on equal terms. It is essential for both novices and professionals looking to improve their game. Calculating your handicap […]

Foursome in Golf: Get to Know this Modality

Have you ever heard of foursome in golf and wondered what it’s about? This mode of play is one of the most exciting and strategic ways to enjoy this sport. In foursome, collaboration and understanding between players are key to success on the field. Golf is a sport with various forms of play, but foursome […]

Follow-through: The Importance of a Good Finish

In the world of performance, whether it’s sports, artistic, or professional, a key concept for success is the follow through, or in other words, a good finish. This final phase of any action is not simply an embellishment; it’s a critical part that can define the outcome of the whole process. Why is it so […]

Mastering the Downswing for Accurate Golf Shots

In golf, precision is the key to success, and mastering the downswing is essential to place the ball right where we want it. This movement can make the difference between a winning shot and one that leaves us out of the game. Here we will show you how to perfect your technique to achieve precise […]

Stakes and Lines in Golf: Guide to Meaning and Usage

As we delve into the world of golf, we encounter a unique language and specific signals that are essential to the game. The stakes and lines on the course not only add color but carry crucial meanings that guide players with every swing. Understanding what they indicate is as important as a good hit. From […]

Chip in Golf: Choose between Rolled, Laid Out, High or with Brake + Bonus

In golf, the chip is an essential skill that can make the difference between a good and a bad day on the course. Each situation demands a different strategy, and knowing the chip techniques is key to improving your game. Do you prefer a rolling chip, a low chip, a high chip, or a chip […]

What It Is and How to Avoid a Double Bogey in Golf

In golf, every stroke counts and the goal is always to minimize them. A double bogey, or two strokes above par, may seem like a minor setback, but avoiding them can make a big difference on your scorecard. We understand the frustration it can cause and want to help you overcome this hurdle. Improving your […]

Cheat Sheet in Golf: The X-ray of Your Shots

Have you ever felt that your golf game has more potential than your shots reflect? You’re not alone. We understand that every swing counts and, sometimes, a small improvement can make a big difference. The chop in golf is nothing more than a meticulous analysis of your technique to take your game to the next […]

Dogleg in Golf: What It Is + Best Strategy

In the fascinating world of golf, each hole presents a unique challenge. One of the most intriguing concepts is the dogleg, a sharp curve in the fairway that tests the strategy and precision of golfers. Understanding what a dogleg is and how to approach it can be the difference between a master stroke and one […]